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    Jon Barth, MA, Certified Facilities Director 

    Director of Facilities Management and Transportation



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    Submit a work order

    Work orders must be placed by the building secretary, with priority given to safety requests.

    Environmental Stewardship

    FPS Facilities is committed to environmental stewardship through its award-winning Green Team, led by Mr. Jim Pearse, and a recycling partnership with Republic Services, spearheaded by Ms. Rivett. In addition, Lisa Boyce oversees and ensures that the District is environmentally conscious and protects our Rouge River Watershed through her work with Michigan's Department of Environment, Great Lakes, and Energy (EGLE)    

    2020 Bond Updates

    Summer 2024 bond construction includes work at 10 locations, including Early Childhood, Warner Middle School and Central High School.  Click here for bond updates from McCarthy & Smith (general contractors for our 2020 bond initiative).

    Pandemic Response From A Facilities Perspective

    Facilities Management is responsible for student, staff and visitor safety as it relates to cleanliness and disinfecting. Our Covid response has been (and continues to be) to mitigate the spread of airborne or surface  viruses that may enter our buildings. We maintain an extensive inventory of personal protective equipment that includes face masks, gloves, sanitary wipes and disinfectants. We also research and invest in new technologies to quickly address any suspected virus. As an example, the District recently purchased three Violet Defense units that eliminate all viruses and bacteria (using ultraviolet A, B, C and blue light technology) in less than 30 minutes. These units are tripod mounted and can be moved from school to school as needed. The units work by pulsing lights during overnight hours and will even kill mold given enough applications. These Violet Defense units are laboratory-rated as a much more effective and safer solution than traditional disinfectant sprays. 

    For additional information regarding classroom airflow, please click here.


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