Instructional Services

  • Theory of Action

    If Farmington Public Schools is going to develop globally competitive students


    We as an entire community commit to providing a collaborative and flexible learning environment where students have access to:

    • Personalized learning pathways
    • Opportunities to build quality relationships
    • Rigorous, relevant and authentic curriculum
    • Tools and resources for learning order to Enhance teaching and learning to Empower and Engage ALL students.

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    The Instructional Department of Farmington Public Schools is committed to ENHANCING the core instruction of the classroom in an effort to ENGAGE ALL learners and EMPOWER them by building equitable learning environments.  Our focus is on student learning and student academic success, and we will prepare students for post-secondary opportunities. Furthermore, we will make a positive impact on student learning by ensuring a guaranteed and viable curriculum, by providing aligned assessments and opportunities for intervention and enrichment.

    We will continue to partner with families and use our district resources to support student learning.



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